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Unlocking Tax Efficiency: The Beckham Rule Advantage

20th March 2024

Unlocking Tax Efficiency: The Beckham Rule Advantage
The Beckham Rule, introduced in 2005, signifies a significant opportunity for professionals contemplating relocation to places like Marbella for work and residence.

This specialised tax provision offers expatriates a favourable tax regime, providing exemptions on international income for the initial six years of residency. Under this rule, expatriates transitioning into Spanish residency are taxed at a fixed rate of 24% on the first €600,000 of their Spanish income. Furthermore, the benefits of this rule extend to the expatriate's spouse and dependent children, subject to specific criteria. This regime particularly appeals to individuals earning between €20,000 to €600,000 annually in Spain who possess substantial assets and earnings abroad. Originally tailored for foreign staff of Spanish firms, recent legal revisions have broadened its applicability, encompassing a broader spectrum of professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads.

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